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Tennessee Musky Fishing Report 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report 2023

Melton Hill Fishing Report | Tennessee Musky Fishing Report

Tennessee Musky Fishing January 2023

With warm conditions things are already off to a fast start for Tennessee musky fishing in 2023.

After a severe winter system moved through the region temps are unusually warm. These unique conditions have Tennessee muskies moving shallow. These shallow musky movements make for some dynamic casting scenarios.

Top Producing Casting Presentations :

Livingston Lures Titan - Color : Brain Damage

This dive and rise lure is easy to use and triggers strikes from negative and neutral Tennessee musky.

Joe Bucher Magnum Shallow Raider : Perch

This large flat sided minnow bait has a massive vibration and pulse at lower speed making it a winter staple.

Livingston Lures Pounder : Walleye

This jointed deep running crank bait checks all the boxes for as an effective winter musky fishing presentation. It runs deep but not too deep and has a fantastic action even at slower speeds.

Top Trolling Presentations : Tennessee Musky Fishing January 2023

Joe Bucher Depth Raider :

This classic still gets it done and excels in the winter along breaks lines and structure.

Super Natural Headlock :

This monster trolling presentation has a massive action and wander that seems to make musky magic happen more often than not.


Tennessee Musky Fishing Report February 2023

Big Tennessee Musky
Tennessee Musky Fishingn

Winter musky fishing in Tennessee becomes a powder keg just waiting to explode as we get further into our short cold water season. Tennessee muskies start feeding aggressively as their biological cycle edges closer to the spawn. These February feeding windows are narrow, location specific and brief however they tend to deliver some of the largest and heaviest muskies into my net each year. Lunar cycles play heavily in the winter if water levels are somewhat stable making these bite windows a smidge more predictable.

Top Producing Casting Presentations for February :

Livingston Lures Titan - Color : Black

This dive and rise lure is easy to use and triggers strikes from negative and neutral Tennessee musky. Using the heavy weighting or even both weights drives the Titan deep with a extended pause or slow fall.

Medusa Mid Weight - Perch

Big rubber and cold water go hand and hand. This mid weighting allows for slower presentations and more hang time near structure and cover.

Top Trolling Presentations for February Muskies

When bite windows slam shut trolling becomes a great winter option in the pursuit of suspended and open water Tennessee muskies. These "off bite" muskies tend to prefer slammer presentations at slower speeds.

'Super Shad Rap, Cisco Kid, JBO Baby Depth Raiders and even certain configurations of blades can be effective while perusing these sluggish open water muskies outside of prime feeding windows.

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