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Next Level Musky Fishing

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I am proud to announce the release of "Next Level Musky Fishing".

You can purchase Next Level here at The Musky Shop. This book covers serious tactics and strategies for musky anglers looking to take their musky game to the next level.

It was an honor to be approached about writing a book and I am truly grateful for the support of the amazing people around me that helped make it happen.

The comprehensive guide to pursuing—and catching—the coveted fish of 10,000 casts, NEXT LEVEL MUSKIES takes readers far, far beyond the basics of musky fishing and unveils never-before-published strategies that work.

Eminently readable, resplendent with expert tips, tricks, and techniques, NEXT LEVEL MUSKIES is an indispensable resource for any musky angler. From the tenets of trolling to mind-blowing structure strategies; from incredible insights on musky behavior to strategically utilizing tech; from the secrets of crushing with crankbaits to brilliantly brandishing big rubber and much more, NEXT LEVEL MUSKIES has it all.

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