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Tennessee State Record Holder


Steven Paul is a Professional Musky Guide, Nashville Session Guitarist, Fishing writer and owner of the Musky 360 app with his business partner and friend

Hall of Fame Musky Angler Joe Bucher.

He attributes his fishing success to his mother and father, long time musky hunters: Linda and Dr. Stephen Feaster.

Dr. Feaster with his family in tow has chased musky on Eagle Lake, Cave Run and the back waters of West Virginia.

The family’s pursuit of musky dates back to 1935 as Grandfather, Jim Feaster, tangled with these fabled fish from his row boat armed with only a Pflueger Mustang.  His father, known by his friends as “Doc”, broke new ground on the waters of Cave Run in the 1970’s and 80’s holding the lake release record and many of the first-documented 50” fish in Kentucky. 

Doc would eventually partner with fellow West VA native, Bill Crane, in the early 1980’s, and they began exploring the lakes of Canada; such as, Eagle, Canyon and Lac Sul.  These adventures would solidify Doc Feaster’s reputation as an elite musky angler.


Fortunately, these years of knowledge and experience have been preserved and passed on to now the 3rd generation of musky fishermen, Steven and his brother John Christian.


Steven and his wife Jodie, now residents of TN, pursue muskies in the volunteer state armed with three generations worth of knowledge and musky lore.  


Despite his lineage and knowledge, Steven is always the constant student and is always eager to learn and innovate. 

Being overly passionate about the sport, he spends much of his time educating new anglers, teaching the basic and advanced skills needed to be a well-rounded and successful angler.


Steven is currently the state record holder for the largest musky ever caught in Tennessee, but this record is not the end of his musky story, just one more highlight in the journey.

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