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Learn the secrets of one of the Best Musky Anglers in the World : By George Noleff Outdoors Bound TV

How you can learn the secrets of one of the best musky anglers in the world by: George Noleff Posted: Dec 7, 2023 / 07:56 AM EST Updated: Dec 7, 2023 / 04:17 PM

SPARTA, Tenn. – At this time of year, thoughts turn to gift-giving. But, what do you get for the outdoors enthusiast in your life? How about the gift of knowledge? If you have a muskellunge angler in your life, especially with world-class fishing for the species in the James and the New Rivers, then a new book by renowned musky angler Steven Paul may be one way to give that gift of knowledge. Paul has written “Next Level Musky Fishing” as a way to share his vast knowledge of musky habits, and the techniques that can be used to take the toothy apex predators. Paul says teaching is a passion: “I love showing people their first musky or helping somebody achieve maybe a personal best, and sort of get dialed in. To teach. that’s my biggest thing, Once you’ve done something and you feel like you’ve got your head wrapped around it, it’s fun to share that knowledge.” Sharing knowledge is something Paul does on a daily basis. He guides on his home waters in Tennessee, where he holds the state musky record, and he guides and fishes in Wisconsin and Canada. Plus, he and world-famous musky angler, Joe Bucher own and operate the Musky 360 app. It is considered the gold standard for musky information. In addition to that, Paul works with Rollie & Helen’s Musky Shop in Minocqua, Wisconsin, one of the top musky retail establishments in the United States. Muskies are notoriously difficult to catch. So, what is the one piece of advice Paul has for anyone wanting to catch one? Put the time in on the water. “It’s a very engaging activity,” said Paul. “The more casts you get in, the more time you spend trolling, the more time the baits are wet, the more opportunities you’re going to have.”

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