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Melton Hill Musky Fishing Report 2022

Updated: Feb 14

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing 2022 : Musky Fishing Report : Steven Paul Tennessee Musky Fishing

This musky fishing report is regularly updated to highlight some of the top producing patterns and lures for Tennessee Musky Fishing.

January 2022 Tennessee Musky Fishing

Melton Hill Musky
Tennessee Musky Fishing 2022 Musky Report

Weather Water Conditions :

The weather for early January could be classified as unstable to say the least. Temps bouncing form 70's to the 30's with thunderstorms thrown in the mix for some added flavor.

These conditions will likely flatten out into something that better resembles winter in the near future.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Tip : Fish the pattern no the calendar.

While musky are undoubtedly creatures of habit do not have a calendar on hand that dictates their movements. Tennessee musky will react accordingly to their environment, so when conditions swing in the direction of a warmer trend anglers need to make adjustments to encounter actively feeding musky. Weather trends and patterns dictate the locations Tennessee musky will use far more than what date the calendar is currently showing.

Tennessee Musy Fishing
Tennessee Musky Fishing Report 2022

Top Musky Lures :

  1. Livingston Lures Titan

The Livingston Lures Titan is the ultimate musky dive and rise bait. The Titan allows for a ton of flexibility in it's presentation and retrieval methods. Working this lure in just about any fashion will move negative and neutral muskies but adding in some painfully long pauses and side to side action is a great way to put a trophy in you net.

2. Spit Fire Kamakaze

This musky sized chatter bait can be deadly during winter months when it is worked in an extremely slow fashion. Ripping stop presentations are also effective when current is present.

3. Livingston Lures Pounder

This deep running jointed crank bait is a search and destroy tool for muskies that are holding tight to cover and structure. The lip on this crank bait makes easy work or rocks and timber.

Melton Hill Musky Fishing Report February

winter musky fishing southern musky
Tennessee Musky Fishing Winter

February has brought with it somewhat milder temperatures but the region remains solder than on average. Morning temps hover just below sub freezing but give way to comfortable conditions by mid day. Water temperatures have been holding steady in the 40's but with each passing day a slight increase can be seen. Tennessee Musky Fishing conditions are generally favorable with what we could consider as consistency in water temps and levels.

Winter rain falls as wells as snow melts at higher elevations can quickly change the scenario for Tennessee musky. Lake and tributaries have already swollen to their limits early in the month. This introduction of "new water" often draws in bait fish and subsequently predators making creek mouths and run off locations a prime consideration.

Melton Hill Musky
February Tennessee Musky Fishing

Top Tennessee Musky Fishing Lures :

1. Titan Livingston Lures : SP Tiger

The Titan is absolutely crushing winter muskies. Using the 20 gram weight included with this lure makes it rise slowly eliciting strikes.

2. Water Wolf Ratzilla : Black

The Ratzilla is big rubber musky lure that stands out from the pack in every way.

High quality plastic, design and action it has it all.

3. Livingston Lures Bull Dozer : Fire Tiger

This shad style crank bait is tough as nails and is effective trolling and casting.

Mid speeds seem to be highly effective for triggering strikes from suspended muskies.

Melton Hill Musky Fishing Report March 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report : Melton Hill Musky

Tennessee Spring Musky Fishing :

March 2022 Tennessee musky fishing has started off with some rather wild weather.

Heavy rains have brought high water levels and flood like conditions across the region. Most waterways in the east Tennessee are heavily stained with zero visibility. However the high water has moved muskies into some interesting locations. Tennessee musky have been taking advantage of the high water and flooded areas in search of forage. It should be noted that air temperatures have been record setting and in the low to mid 70's. These record setting temps opened up some unique Tennessee Musky fishing scenarios. As the spawn looms seasonal movements have jumped forward and are exaggerated.

Top Presentations for Tennessee Musky Fishing March 2022

Spit Fire Kamakaze : Dirty Chart

This custom chatter bait has a huge amount of thump but is a small target making it an easy meal. It doesn't get much easier throw it and turn the reel handle.

Livingston Lures Titan : Mean Green Custom

This is the best musky dive and rise bait period. It doesn't blow out of the water it's easy to use and most importantly it catches giants.

Water Wolf Ratzilla : Black

The Ratzilla looks like a million bucks in the water and Tennessee muskies seem to agree.

This big rubber presentation has an amazing life like roll and fall in the water.

The Ratzilla is perfect near timber and structure.

Tennessee Musky Fishing in March is a great time troll from trophy muskies.

Making short passes around zones that are productive for casting can yield some amazing results.

Legend Lure Plow : Perch

The Legend Lures plow is great at getting down and dirty but it really comes to life on a shorter line running mid water column.

Livingston Lures Squeaky Pete : Midnight

This M9 style crank seems to have the perfect balance of tight wobble and wander. Tennessee musky seem to love the Squeaky Pete in the prop wash on a rather short line.

Super Natural Big Baits Headlock : Black Rice

The Headlock is made for big fish and aggressive trolling and Tennessee musky seem to like this when its cursing in open water. Big action, big wander, big muskies.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report April 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing

Melton Hill Musky Fishing Report April 2022

April is off to a rather dry start in the region, the lack of precipitation has created low water scenarios. The rather low water table has forced Tennessee Musky out to deeper break lines in search of bait fish and cover. Daily observations regarding the water levels and forage movements are imperative when searching for active Tennessee muskies.

Seasonal movements have not been effected, muskies have simply adjusted for the current water levels.

Top Tennessee Musky Fishing Lures April 2022

Livingston Lures Titan : KY Crush

The KY Crush Titan is perfect when fishing in an around crappie spawning areas.

Letting the Titan dive and rise in and around timber is highly effective in these early season scenarios.

Water Wolf Ratzilla : Black

This unique big rubber presentation has a great hang time in the water and a hyper realistic life like movement. Big rubber should always be a consideration even during the early season and cold fronts.

Top April Trolling Lures

Early season trolling is a great way to contact muskies that are suspended or in pursuit of open water bait fish.

Mepps Giant Killer : Black / Silver

This willow blade buck-tail is a classic that excels as a flat-line trolling presentation over shallow rock and sand.

Slammer 5 & 7 incher

Color SP Tiger

This hard plastic crank can take the abuse of contacting timber and rocks and is perfect for trolling in the early spring.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report May 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing in May is an exciting time to hit the water. Conditions are mild and trophy class Tennessee Musky are on the move. Post spawn fish will make multiple daily movements from shallow to deep in search of bait-fish. Weather in May is generally warm but some days can start off with a chill which will slow things down until the afternoon.

Special attention should be paid to the forage movements, not only locations but height in the water column.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Lures May 2022

Livingston Lures Titan : Ice Man

This dive and rise lure is my go to presentation during off peak times when Tennessee muskies are negative and neutral. Simply let this lure plunge near cover and float back up.

Slammer 6" Crank Bait : Color Steven Paul Tiger

This is hands down my favorite crank bait, it is perfect for spring time twitching and cranking presentations in and around shoreline cover.

Hot Tails 7" Glider : Black

When Tennessee muskies simply will not move this Hot Tails glider seems to pull them up.

This makes it a fantastic early season search bait.

Top May Trolling Presentations :

While I defiantly prefer casting during the spring there is often an open water trolling bite that can be capitalized on most days.

Slammer 6" color Steven Paul Tiger

Shallow trolling this crank over open water bait fish is a great way to land

trophy class Tennessee muskies in the spring.

Leo Mojo Crank : Fire Tiger

This little crank bait has a great action at lower trolling speeds.

Livingston Lures Viper 6": Gold

This small jointed glider darts like a champ in the prop wash.

Tennessee Musky Fishing June 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing

June musky fishing conditions in Tennessee have been text book perfect. Fronts are moving in with regularity, while air and water temperatures have remained pleasant. However is is crucial to keep an eye on surface water temps. Surface temperatures in excess of 79/80 degrees are known to cause delayed mortality in muskies. Please use safe handling practices and techniques as well as abstaining from fishing for musky in water temperatures above 70 degrees. It should be noted that surface temps will reach dangerous levels in a matter of weeks.

Top Producing June Tennessee Musky Fishing Lures

Slammer 7" Color SP Tiger

This twitch bait is one of my favorite presentations in and around cover and the Steven Paul signature color works under any conditions.

Toothy Tuff Assault Eel

This unique rubber bait has all of the right qualities to get strikes from the most negative and neutral muskies. It is easy to throw and seems to have a little magic in it's tail.

Crane 206

This balsa wood crank bait has all the right moves with it's unbeatable action.

This lure is great for straight cranking in open water and near cover.

Top Trolling

I am a huge fan of Supernatural Healocks and Mattlocks check out the video below to see why.....

Tennessee Musky Fishing July 2022

Tennessee Musky Fishing

Water temps by the second week of July are often far too warm to fish. But this year temps where mild and muskies continued to cooperate. However safe handling as well as catch and release should be practiced at all times.

Muskies where staged in their typical Tennessee locations and where moving on extra large presentations. Early July trips wrap up around the 4th Holiday before I set off for guide trips in Wisconsin and Canada.

Please think about the health and safety of muskies during warmer months. High water temps can lead to undesirable consequences for muskies.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report August 2022

The first couple of weeks in August are generally far too hot to fish, this year I spent the majority of the "hot" season in Wisconsin and Canada. The pics shown are from my filming trip up north.

I am back fishing for Tennessee Muskies as heavy rains in the region have cooled water temps enough to pursue toothy critters down south.

Please use common sense when it comes to Tennessee Musky and water temps.

Tennessee Musky Fishing September 2022

September Tennessee Musky Fishing:

Tennessee muskies start to make moves shallow more often as the length of available day light shortens in the fall. Fish can be found shallow and they are often aggressive. Capitalizing on this is a simple matter of knowing where to look for Melton Hill muskies.

Top Casting Presentations September 2022:

The Titan from Livingston Lures-

The Titan is a killer dive and rise presentation for muskies in and around weeds and cover.

As temps start to drop muskies move into thick cover and the Titan is an easy way to draw them out.

Joe Bucher Shallow Raider-

This shallow twitch bait pulls up negative and neutral muskies when conditions are tough.

Joe Bucher Top Raider-

Early mourning and late evening top-water bites can be explosive.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Top September Trolling Lures -

Supernatural Headlock -

This monster crank pulls muskies in like no other. I have my own color in this product line called Steve's Musky Thunder - It works miracles on Tennessee Musky.

Livingston Lures Pounder -

This dialed in crank gets down and stays down and is perfect for tough condition days.

October 2022 Melton Hill Musky Fishing Report

Tennessee Musky Fishing in October can be fast action with multiple contacts in a very short period of time but if weather is not cooperating it turns into open water trolling slug-fest.

With the tail end of a recent hurricane disrupting weather patters Oct. 2022 has been a rather odd month. Traditional shallow patterns are out the window as muskies seem to be holding deeper on breaks. Major structures have been out produced by small mostly unimpressive structural features that are now holding multiple fish. The key to sucess with instability is flexibility.

Top Lures Tennessee Musky Fishing

Livingston Lures Titan - using the heavy weight option to keep this lure down has been the key to getting strikes.

Joe Bucher Depth Raider - using this along steep breaks and timber can be highly productive.

Trolling Lures :

Supernatural Headlock - These are perfect for suspended and open water fish.

Joe Bucher Depthraider - A trolling classic that you can't go wrong with.

4. oz Spinner Baits - Long lining heavy spinner baits along weed edges and breaks seems to produce when nothing else will.

November 2022 Tennessee Musky Fishing

November in Tennessee is a game of inches. Trophy class Tennessee musky begin making shallow moves during prime-time scenarios. Knowing the when, what, where and why of their movements is the best way to put yourself in position for a true southern giant. Condition this November have been warmer that in previous years but with cool nights the water temps have still fallen rapidly.

Top Casting Lures November 2022

The Livingston Lures Titan has been highly successful this November. This easy-to-use dive and rise presentation has put many trophy class Tennessee musky in the boat.

Running the Titan with no weights makes this lure very buoyant making the action even more erratic.

Quick rips, taps and twitches makes the Titan dart side to side presenting Tennessee muskies with an irresistible offering.

Joe Bucher Shallow Raider 9"

This big flat sided crank really moves a ton of water and calls up negative muskies.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report

Tennessee Musky Fishing December 2022

December is a month of transition and wild weather swings for Tennessee Musky Fishing.

Daily temps can swing from the high 20’s to mid-60’s depending on the frontal movements. Needless to say having a pile of clothes laying in the bottom of the boat by mid-day seems to be the norm. These wild temperature swings can coax negative and neutral muskies into the shallows when things are heating up and drive them deeper if the mercury is falling. Being prepared with a variety of presentations tailored for the day to day, hour to hour mood swings of Tennessee muskies is imperative to have a successful outing.

Top Casting Presentation

Livingston Lures Titan

Using the heavy weight in the Titan creates a slow rise that is perfect for cold water Tennessee Muskies.

Joe Bucher Magnum Shallow Raider

This large flat sided crank bait is a great presentation for shallow muskies. The thump and vibration of a crank bait of this size can get negative and neutral muskies engaged.

Bull Dawg

Colder temp and big rubber muskie lures go hand in hand. You can’t go wrong with the pull pause action of a Bull Dawg.

Top December Tennessee Musky Fishing Trolling Presentations

Husky Cisco Kid –

This classic crankbait is perfect for aggressive contour trolling.

Legend Plow -

This deep runner gets down and stays down which is often the ticket on tougher post frontal days.

12” Supernatural Matt Lock-

Big thump, big flash you can’t go wrong with this super-sized trolling presentation


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