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Spring Tennessee Musky Fishing

Spring musky fishing is often a game of inches as post spawn muskies are unwilling to move long distances. With this in mind casting and boat control become greater keys to sucess more so than any other season. Below are a few tips on how to maximize your boat control and subsequently your casting from Tennessee musky fishing spring time sucess.

  1. Slow Your Roll

With Tennessee musky unwilling to charge long distances to chase a presentation slowing your boats overall speed is imperative to success. Finding a trolling motor speed that will keep you in position with little to no advance will aid in better casting habits.

2. Hold the Line

Tennessee muskies are shallow and tight to structure in the early spring, with this in mind it becomes crucial to keep your boat positioned squarely on the first break or in the perfect depth adjacent to a shallow water zone. If your boat tends to drift between casts it will render many of them ineffective. Consistent boat control equals consistent casting.

3. The Clock Drill

Casting with intent and purpose is important throughout the year but in the spring it is a must.

Casts should be made in a methodical manner. When casting think of a clock dial and make sure your casts are landing no further apart than the numbers on a clock face from your relative position. This will build better casting habits that are beneficial year round but crucial for spring Tennessee muskies.

4. Straight Retrieve Equals Short Casts

Lures like rattle traps, spinner baits and buck tails are generally retrieved in a straight fashion by the majority of musky anglers. These lures while enticing to a hungry Tennessee Musky can get boring for a following musky that is not ready to commit. This especially true during the spring leading to followers that break off far from the boat. When working straight retrieve lures in the spring get tight to your target area and make short casts. This allows you to get a muskies attention and them quickly have it boat side where you can add some flavor to your straight retrieve in the figure eight.

5. The Early Bird Doesn't Catch the Worm

Spring weather often means cold nights and mornings with warm afternoons making it great time of the year to sleep in before hitting the water. Shallow zones cool off pushing muskies out during the night leaving them unoccupied in the morning hours. If you are up for some break line trolling sun up is highly productive but casters should enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for things to start heating up.

Spring is a phenomenal time for Tennessee musky fishing small lures, big fish and great temperatures. If you want to put a trophy in your net make sure your thinking about great boat control and making good casts.

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