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Steve's Meat Grinder From Figure 8 Lure Co.

I am proud to announce my partnership with the Figure 8 Lure Company. We have launched my signature musky spinner bait "Steve's Meat Grinder".

After years of dialing spinner baits "Steve's Meat Grinder" is perfectly balanced and designed for serious musky anglers.

You can get your hands on my signature lure at The Musky Shop.

Below is the description and a feature video.


Steven Paul

Steve’s Meat Grinder from Figure 8 Lure Co. is built to take on the thickest cover and overcome the toughest musky fishing conditions. This custom-made hand-built spinner-bait features a magnum #8 willow leaf blade for maximum vibration and flash at both high and low speeds. The construction of Steve’s Meat Grinder minimizes weed fouling leading to more strikes with less frustration on the water. With its oversized blade and unique configuration Steve’s Meat Grinder is a go to presentation when conditions are less than perfect. When the bite gets tough, the tough start grinding.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Guide Steven Paul


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