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Steven Paul Musky Fishing Gear from The Musky Shop

I am honored and absolutely humbled that The Musky Shop the worlds largest and #1 musky fishing outfitter has released Steven Paul signature apparel. The series includes a Steven Paul Musky Fishing signature hat and two custom designed hoodies.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Steven Paul Hat
Steven Paul Musky Fishing Signature Hat

The Steven Paul signature hat features a vintage style patch on a stone grey hat.

This hat is extremely high quality is designed to not only keep the sun out of your eyes but keep you comfortable for those long days fishing for musky.

Tennessee Musky Steven Paul signature hoodie
Steven Paul Musky Fishing Signature Hoodie

The Steven Paul Back in Black hoodie is a mid weight hoodie that is perfect for early morning and evening musky fishing. This hoodie is designed to be the best boat apparel available.

It is build strong with reinforced seems and pockets, drys quickly and looks great.

Available is sizes from Small - XXL

The Steven Paul Big Baby Blue Musky Fishing hoodie is made for those cold days in the pursuit of Tennessee muskies or any where they swim. This hoodie features a sponge fleece design that is made to keep the wind out and keep you warm. This the perfect hoodie to wear as a base layer during winter months.

Again I would like to thank the wonderful staff at the Musky Shop for their continued support.

Please visit The Musky Shop for all of your Tennessee Musky Fishing needs.

Steven Paul

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