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Tennessee Musky Fishing Report 2024

Updated: Feb 14

2024 Tennessee Musky Fishing Report. Tennessee Musky Guide Steven Paul.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report January 2024

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report January 2024

January in Tennessee is often a mixed bag of weather. Wild swings in air and water surface temperatures are not uncommon and this year has been no exception thus far. Water temps are hovering somewhere around 48 or 53 during the early half of the month. With such mild water temps Melton Hill muskies are still very active. Food sources such as shad, pan fish and perch have taken deep water refuge for the winter and Melton Hill muskies have followed suite.  Musky staging on Great Falls and Rock Island has adhered to the same general range as Melton hill with muskies holding in the six-to-twelve-foot zone. It should be noted that quick unseasonable warm ups will pull forage and subsequently muskies in to shallower zones.


Top Casting Presentations: Tennessee Musky Fishing January 2024


Livingston Lures Kraken

This hybrid hard / soft jerk bait is designed to target mid depth areas and is perfect when muskies are staged on mid depth breaks and cover.


Chaos Medusa

The mid-size Medusa is a staple during winter months as its running depth is perfect for contouring breaks.


Joe Bucher Depth Raider

You can’t go wrong with this classic. Throw it out turn the handle, its as simple as that. This mid depth running musky crankbait easily hits six feet on a moderate length cast.



Top Trolling Presentations: Melton Hill Musky Fishing January 2024


Supernatural Big Baits: Lip Lock

The Lip Lock is a monster lure with an intense wandering action. This lure does not play well with other lures in a trolling spread but is deadly over break lines for trophy class Tennessee muskies.  


13” Grandma

This magnum trolling musky crank bait has a tighter wobble compared to other oversized trolling lures and is perfect for pulling up sluggish Tennessee muskies.

Tennessee Musky Fishing Report February 2024

Tennessee musky fishing in February is an exciting and interesting month. Each year February is a coin toss of conditions. Some years are bitter cold, while other are mild and some a rain-soaked messes. This year has been combination of all the above elements and some odd twists and turns of air temperatures and frontal movements. Regardless of conditions Tennessee muskies are active and looking for larger than life presentations. From shallow shorelines to deep holes and structural elements of all kinds Tennessee musky can be found scattered before the spawn brings them together. One this that is notable about Tennessee musky fishing in February is the amount of trophy class bass that we catch. The majority of the year a by catch is rare here in Tennessee when targeting muskies but during February big bass can picked up in the pursuit of muskies.


Top casting presentations

Livingston Lures Kraken

This hybrid hard body / soft plastic lure gets down and dirty to pull muskies from mid and deep water.


Joe Bucher Depth Raider

Regardless of you twitch reel of rip it muskies in colder temperatures respond to this timeless



Top Tennessee Musky Fishing Trolling Lures

13” Grandma

Big trolling baits produce big bites in open water and over cover and structure.

February Tennessee Musky Fishing Bonus Bass

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