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Tennessee Musky Fishing Trolling Tactics

I am proud to announce the release of my custom Supernatural Big Baits color "Steve's Musky Thunder".

I am a massive fan of Supernatural Headlocks and Mattlocks and having my own custom color is truly an honor. If you need to add a secret weapon to your Tennessee Musky fishing check out a Steve's Musky Thunder Supernatural Lure available at The Musky Shop.

Trolling is not massively popular in the south but is a fishing methodology that can not be rivaled when conditions are sub par. Tennessee Musky Fishing can get tough and Melton Hill musky are known for being fickle. The addition of a simple trolling setup to your Tennessee Musky Fishing game plan should be top priority.

With the amount of open water areas that Tennessee Musky have at their disposal trolling is at times the only way to find that needle in a hay stack.


Steven Paul

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