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Livingston Lures Titan Junior

Livingston Lures Titan Junior

I am pleased to announce that the Livingston Lures Titan Junior will be released for the 2023.

After the huge success of The Titan the number #1 selling musky lure of 2022, I took the time to go to the drawing board and create a lure that has the same amazing action as The Titan but in a smaller but still powerful package. The team at Livingston Lures has been amazing during this entire process and allowed me the time and opportunity to get things absolutely perfect. The Titan Junior is 6 inches in length and features the same unique line tie system of the full-size Titan and an easy to replace soft tail. This little power house lure has the same amazing and easy to use dive and rise Titan action.

The Titan Junior will be available exclusively from The Musky Shop in the early spring of 2023. The Livingston Lures Titan Junior comes in 16 exciting eye-popping, muskie catching colors. All of your favorite Titan colors will be available with few new ones that are going to be staples in your fishing arsenal.

While the Titan Junior is without a doubt a musky lure at heart it has already proven to be a multi-species killer. Livingston Lures Pro-Staff and Field Staff from across the country have tested the Titan Junior on Green Bay Walleye, Deep South Bass and of course Monster Muskies and the verdict is…This Thing Catches Fish.

The action of the Titan Junior is tailor made for tough conditions. With simple taps and pulls of the rod the Titan Junior darts down and rises with a subtle but tantalizing action that trophy fish can’t resist.

The Titan Junior is the ultimate weapon for early season and post frontal muskies, trophy walleye and monster large and small mouth bass.

The folks at Livingston Lures have gone above and beyond to ensure that my vision for the perfect down sized musky lure came true and it is without a doubt absolute perfection.

The Titan Junior, when the bite get's tough….Titan Up !



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