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Livingston Lures Kraken

I am proud to introduce my new creation The Kraken.

The Kraken from Livingston Lures is a hybrid jerk-bait that is more than meets the eye.

The Kraken features an adjustable weighting system and has a replaceable tail for maximum versatility. Below is a demo video of the Kraken in action.

Designed and developed by acclaimed musky guide Steven Paul and the development team at Livingston Lures, the Kraken is a hybrid hard and soft plastic jerk bait intended to specifically target predatory game fish such as pike and musky.

The Kraken is equipped with EBS technology™ and an adjustable weighting system allowing anglers to target fish at any depth or distance. Upward rod taps, side sweeps, and reel-stop retrieves will cause the Livingston Kraken to dip and dart in an erratic and irresistible manner producing an effective and productive lively target. Replacement skirts are sold separately.


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