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Melton Hill Muskie Fishing Report 2021

Melton Hill Muskie Fishing Report 2020

Melton Hill Fishing Report 2021

Bi-weekly Melton Hill Musky fishing report.

Melton Hill Lake : Oak Ridge Tennessee

Center Hill, Great Fall Lake, Rock Island, Parksville Lake Musky Fishing.

Tennessee Muskie Fishing Guide Steven Paul

Melton Hill Musky Fishing

January 1st-15th 2021

January 2021 is off to a fine start with weather ranging from mild to frigid, knowing what to wear each day on the water has been the biggest struggle.

Tennessee Musky Fishing has been dialed in on musky locations as the water levels and temps have remained stable for the most part. Melton Hill and Center Hill musky fishing has been solid as muskies are using predictable locations and responding to methodical winter presentaions.

Water Temps are ranging from 44*-49*

Top Casting Presentations Tennessee Musky Fishing January 2021

Whale Tail Magnum : White

Bondy Magnum : Zug Island Special

Joe Bucher Depth raider Suspending Purple Tiger

Top Trolling :

Spit Fire Big Norm : KY Crush

Legend Plow : Black

Headlock : Black Rice

Tennessee musky fishing in the winter is a methodical process, anglers need to have their seasonal patterning locked down. Winter musky fishing is a game of fishing less spots but fishing them at maximum effectiveness. Success is based on a combination of proper presentation, patterning and patience. Putting a trophy Tennessee musky in the net its imperative to have all three.

January 15th - 31st

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Tennessee Muskie Fishing Guide Steven Paul