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Middle Tennessee Musky

The common knowledge is that Melton Hill is the place in Tennessee to go for BIG muskies. While this holds true there are some other options for southern musky anglers. Middle Tennessee has some fantastic musky waters, like Rock Island, Center Hill and the Collins River that have numbers and trophy class potential if you know where to look.

Dialing in on these Middle Tennessee Musky waters is generally a game of forage and structure. Locating bait adjacent and on what would be considered traditional muskie haunts. Timber, break lines and rocky out crops seem to be the trifecta for middle Tennessee musky success. These elements in conjunction with shad, walleye and pan fish usually will yield explosive musky results.

While identifying these structural and forage elements is the first step towards Tennessee musky success, properly presenting to them is the key. Most of this starts with proper boat control, controlling your drift and distance from the above-mentioned elements. In this part of Tennessee short casts seem to be the most productive when picking apart tightly tangles timber and complex rocky structures.

Making sure to cover every conceivable casting angle is of the utter most importance before giving up on piece of prime structure or cover. This saturation casting should be backed up by rock solid figure eights as these mid Tennessee muskies seem to be a little more aggressive boat side. Attention should be paid to making sure your figure eights have speed and depth changes, keep things lively and unpredictable.

A final thought regarding Center Hill musky fishing would be the willingness to troll. Center Hill has some fantastic musky fishing opportunities but is a rather large body of water. With this in mind short line trolling for Center Hill muskies can be highly productive along its steep shorelines and complex structural elements.

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