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Tennessee Musky Fishing Live Imaging

It is undeniable the impact that live imaging has had on modern musky fishing. From the second I heard grumblings about this new technology I was more than intrigued. The ability to see muskies, but more importantly forage and the bait fish in real time was too much for me to resist. As an early adopter of live imaging on my musky boat I have spent countless hours staring at the screen of my Garmin unit. Cast after cast lures come in but every now and again a musky is in hot pursuit of a client’s presentation and the ability to give them a few seconds early warning has become invaluable.

Understandably the financial commitment of live imaging is one that can leave the weekend angler reeling but as a professional guide it’s benefits far outweigh the cost. But just like any tool, it is only as good as the hand that wields it. I have committed thousands of words to the best ways to utilize live imaging in my book “Next Level Musky Fishing” but in recent months I have found new ways to utilize this cutting-edge technology via an active turret system.

Recently I installed a Rite-Hite Turret on the front of my 112 Minn-Kota Ultrex and the results have been phenomenal. The Rite-Hite Live Imaging Turret not only mounts to my trolling motor but it allows independent movement via a remote or foot pedal. This ability to adjust in real time has allowed me to track down muskies that followed but broke off during the cast or figure eight. Shockingly the majority of these muskies have been spotted in open water just mere feet from the boat. The ability to lock on to these negative and neutral muskies has opened the doors to some rather interesting scenarios. Whether it be a deep fish that required a dead sticked big rubber bait or a fish that need something a bit hotter and on the shallow side of things the mobility of the Rite-Hite Turret in these scenarios is undeniable.

Musky Fishing is a game of constant change and adaptation and the Rite-Hute turret has allowed me to elevate not only my perception of follows but its quick remote-controlled rotation allows me to react in real time to fish that we may have never had a chance at. As a guide that is dependent on putting muskies in the net the flexibility of the Rite-Hite Turret has undoubtably taken my live imaging game to the next level.

While there are not many products that I am willing to stake the reputation of the Musky 360 app and Podcast on simply put Rite-Hite is one of them. They are made in the USA and built to last a lifetime and backed by honest people who spend more than their fair share of time on the water.

While I hate to gush it is truly rare in this modern age that you find a company or product that lives up to expectations, I assure you that a Rite-Hite Turret is the best way to take your Live Imaging to the Next Level.


Steven Paul

Co-Owner – Editor and Chief Musky 360

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